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About Us

About Lost Wando Outfitters

We put hats on your head.

What is Lost Wando?  The short answer is that it's two things.  A dog named Wando and a street named Wando. For reference, the Wando is also a coastal river near Charleston, SC and is the namesake for the two things mentioned above.

Wando was a beautiful Black Lab that hung out at one of the local public landings in the Low Country of South Carolina.  His dog tag only had the word, Wando, engraved on it. We always thought he was lost.  That's him on our logo waiting for someone to return to the dock.  Wando is also a street name where many great memories and life adventures happened, a simple but endearing time now lost in the past but not forgotten.

Our hat designs attempt to carry that simple, fun, and adventurous life theme with the idea that getting 'lost' can be a good thing and something that can create many wonderful memories.  We hope you like them. 

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